Saturday, 17 January 2015

If Men Had Periods

As we all know, advertising aimed at men is amongst the funniest, especially if you are a man. You might wryly watch an advertisement on the television for something firmly aiming itself at men and smugly laugh to yourself: do they really think we are like this? Then you think: what if we really are like this? Then you think: well they can't be aiming this advert at me, I'm sure I'm not so, for want of a better word, basic. But maybe we are. Or more likely, this is easiest thing to assume. After all, like most things, you have assume the people in power, the people running things, are generally male.  Maybe we are all this basic, including me & I've just failed to notice this all of this time*

But of course of all kinds of advertising, the best is that aimed at men, advertising something that might be described as girly. Such over compensating!

Imagine if men got periods. Theyd definately give tampons some stupidly macho name and design.

* there are so many things I've somehow missed in all my years & am only just discovering. It's quite scary.

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