Sunday, 19 July 2015

Emma Kennedy

Once I was watching television. This was in the days before smartphones and box sets of whatever. There was a lot of channels on cable TV at thus time, but a lot of them were Russian news, pornography or promoting Christianity.

I chanced across a TV show about Germany of the 1930s. Nowadays there are practically 24 hour channels dedicated entirely to the salacious exposing of Nazi evils but not so much then.

Anyway, on this particular show they showed the communists marching singing a jolly song about the evils of capitalism or whatever and then showed the Nazis marching along singing a jolly song about the evils of Jews or whatever.

To my disgust, I found myself a few days later, humming the nazi tune whilst doing the washing up.

It was quite catchy, I recall, although I wouldn't be able to sing it for you right now.

I'm guessing there's probably some people who first got into fascism that way. 

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